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Hi, I’m Kelly. I reside in  Arizona with my husband Jeff, daughter Jocelyn, son Cooper, and soon to be baby #3 (we’re team green this time!) I’m a teacher in Chandler and currently teach in second grade, but I’ve spent more time in kindergarten and preschool. (I seriously can’t decide which grade I like better??)

I have two dogs, one whom I absolutely adore named Jimmy and one that came with my husband and has made me question my love and devotion for dogs altogether (no joke! he’s a little…difficult) his name is Andre, but he’s still family.

My husband and I are both born and raised in Ohio and are avid Cleveland Browns fans (many people tell me they’ve never met a Browns fan. Well in Arizona I’ve finally met some Raider’s fans!) I also love The Ohio State football team (unfortunately, my husband has no taste in dogs OR college football and he’s a Michigan fan.)

Other hobbies of mine, besides football include reading. I love reading. If I wasn’t a teacher, I would be a librarian. I love libraries too! I spend most of my time reading about education but when I’m not I’ve started reading about essential oils, which I’ve just began using in the last 6 months. I was diagnosed with Celiac’s Disease after the birth of my daughter and adjusting to life with an autoimmune disease has opened a lot of doors towards to a more natural lifestyle and diet for both me and my family. I’m still learning new things every day. I guess you could say learning is a hobby of mine too. The Open Pencil Box is my spot on the internet to share, express, and learn. Please stay a while, read, enjoy, share your ideas and knowledge with me, and never take a donut for granted again!


**Up-Date: We had beautiful baby BOY in September 2015. I was so sure it was a girl and a little surprised for the entire first month he was home. I kept dreaming it was a boy, but I just had my heart set on a girl, thankfully God had different plans. We are so happy to be a family of 5 now with Eli.

I have accepted the Library Media Specialist position at my Elementary School. So when I return to work for the new school year I’m going to be the school librarian! I’m so excited because this is my DREAM JOB and also anxious! I have my work cut out for me but I’m excited to get started planning. Please reach out if you are a media specialist or have awesome ideas you would like to share! Collaboration is my jam. 😉

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