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Little White Lies We Tell Children

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We all do it. Tell our children outrageous lies to help keep ourselves sane. I prefer to call them little white lies, so I can maintain my own ‘I’m a great parent’ beliefs. Here is a small list of some harmless white lies I tell my children on a daily basis.

There are no cartoons on at night.

I hid candy in your oatmeal, eat it and try to find it.

The TV. is broken right now.

Daddy took the I-pad to work with him today.

If you clean up all of your toys daddy will come home sooner.

That’s not bread, its cake. That’s not butter its icing.

If you don’t try on shoes without crying then they won’t let you play at the playground.

McDonalds is closed right now.

McDonalds ran out of happy meals so you have to share one with your brother.

This isn’t yogurt its ice cream.

These toys live at this store, we can’t take them out of the store or they’ll be sad.

I’m going to the doctor right now; you can only come with me if you want to get a shot too.

(ha that one is so mean but it’s the only way I can get out of the house sometimes!)

That toy ran out of batteries and they don’t make any more for it so we had to send it to toy heaven.

We have to go home now because the Park has to take a nap.

Everyone is going to take a nap, even mommy and daddy.

Everyone is going to bed, even mommy and daddy.

We can’t get out of bed because the light isn’t out yet.
(that one never actually works for some reason, but I keep trying it anyways.)

That’s the list off the top of my brain. Every day I’m trying to top yesterdays though, so please share some genius white lies you tell your children or students, after all we have to ban together as adults and keep these small children on their toes!





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