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A List of Love-Hate Relationships that only Teachers Understand

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The other day I wrote a blog post stating the reasons I love AND hate giving my two toddlers a bath. It got me thinking humorously about the things I love and hate as a teacher. Here’s my list…so far.

Lunch Time

Love It- I get to eat and talk to some adults. Love eating and I like some adults.

Hate It- Have to get my students through the lunch line first. The lunch line is as long as the line at the DMV. Hate the DMV.


Love It- We all know kids need to run free like the little wild animals they are. The look on a child’s face when you tell them it’s recess time is one of pure joy and happiness. I love pure joy and happiness.

Hate It- Sometimes the weather outside is frightful and that results in indoor recess. Hate indoor recess.

The Work Room

Love It- I love walking into the work room. You never know what’s going to be in there. Other teachers are always giving away freebies or someone dropped of treats. Love treats. And it’s also the home to the laminator. Love lamination.

Hate It- Other people are in there, but they’re only in there when you really, really need to make an emergency copy. Hate copier wars.  Also, I love lamination until I realize I have to cut it all out. Hate cutting lamination out.


Love It- I get to pee. Love to pee.

Hate It- Only lasts 30 minutes? Thirty minutes is not long enough to get caught up on all my teaching work. Hate not being caught up, ever.

Common Core

Love It- Of course I want to challenge my students and help them reach the highest levels of their potential. These standards put rigor and grit in the classroom. Love rigor and grit.

Hate It- I seriously spend more time explaining these standards to parents then I do teaching them. I also have to split my lesson planning time with defending these standards all over social media. Hate explaining and defending.

I’m also mandated by my district to teach them. They literally told me I have to teach them. Hate being told what to do.

Staff Meetings

Love It- Sometimes they give out chocolate. Love chocolate

Hate It- Most of the time they just make me sad. Hate being sad.

First Day of School

Love It- The smell of fresh cut grass, the brand new, never been touched school supplies, the look of a flawlessly, uber adorable classroom filled with beautiful little children. Love the first day of school. Live for the first day of school.

Hate It- Classroom filled with 25+ miniature strangers. Awkward. Hate awkwardness.

What are some things you love and hate as a teacher??




  • Angela - Field trips

    Love getting out of the classroom for a day!
    Hate the stress of making sure all the kids are accounted for and not lost!ReplyCancel

    • Kelly - How could I forget field trips?? I did think about parent teacher conferences but I couldn’t think of any reasons why I love those HA!ReplyCancel

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