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I’m a NEW Librarian!

IMG_5426PINIMAGESo wow! I’m now an Elementary Librarian aka Media Specialist (which I HATE to be called because I am not very “techy”) I was pretty excited to get this position after being a teacher for 6 years. I was thinking it was maybe my dream job. That high faded away on my first day when I realized that I literally have no clue what I’m doing! My district’s training for Destiny is literally “you’ll figure it out” (thank you God for youtube!) and teaching library classes to 6 different grade levels is 100% exhausting. I feel like a first year teacher all over again. I’m also wondering if this was the right decision for me. Having 600 some students now instead of 25 makes me feel a little disconnected and I’m scared I won’t make the personal connections that I love to make with my classroom students. Just learning everyone’s names is proving to be very difficult for me. I’m hoping that part gets better as the year goes on.

My first week I did A LOT of updating in our library. Our mascot is the “astronauts” so I decided to go with a fun space theme for the library. Our school colors are blue and gray so that was my original color scheme. If you can tell by my pictures though the color scheme turned into blue, orange, and green–which I love!

If you look closely you can see all of my students “library fairies” which was a lot of fun. My school is also doing the Leader In Me this year. It’s our first year of this program so I’m learning it right along with my students.  I’m trying to practice the habits as well and one of my goals is to write a blog post each weekend. If you’re a teacher or librarian please connect with me so we can collaborate and share ideas! I’ll be writing a lot more posts about my first year as a librarian as this year goes on as I try to survive and learn! Stay tuned. IMG_5426PINIMAGEIMG_5427PINIMAGEIMG_5431 (1)PINIMAGEIMG_5433PINIMAGEIMG_5435PINIMAGEIMG_5439PINIMAGE

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