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Scholastic Book Clubs in the Library

      Do you do Scholastic Book Clubs in your library? I did not do them last year. I did do them as a classroom teacher and was usually pretty discouraged because no one ever ordered from them! I’m at a school where the factor just might be finances. However, I really love the affordability of ordering through the book clubs  so I’m going to give them a go in the library.

I sent out an email to ask what teachers are not doing the book clubs for their classroom. Out of 25 classrooms, I got 7 who do not! I’m excited because I thought the number would be a lot smaller. Unfortunately, I have book fair the last week of this month (August) and last year I had a lot of parent questions about what was different? So I’m going to wait until September to launch the scholastic book clubs so parents do not get confused even more.

I drafted up a letter that I totally stole from scholastic book clubs. They have one crafted for you to print. Their letter has two directions for how to order and I do not want to collect money so I’m not giving that as an option. Parents will have to order online only using our class code. I’m trying to think of some ways to get my students excited about the flyers when I pass them out. I think I will start out with a scavenger hunt in the flyers. I will update this blog post when I come up with ideas! I’m really looking forward to using the points we get from orders to create a “teacher only read aloud” section in my library. This section will include paperbacks that teachers can check out to use for read alouds in their classroom. Sometimes our most popular books get lost or damaged and then they’re not available for teachers to check out. So wish me luck and stay tuned!

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